About Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is an easy meditation practice which uses sound as the focus for the meditation. The sounds (mantras) used are described in various yoga texts to have a spiritual nature. Therefore, they provide many positive effects for the one doing the practice, and for anyone who hears them.

Having these spiritual sounds as the focus for the practice makes it very simple and and even fun to do. Some techniques introduced in the classes are normally done individually, where others are done in a group setting with music. The group meditation with music, or kirtan, makes for a great time with family and friends where everyone can taste the sweetness of these spiritual mantras.

By doing the meditation and discussing the philosophy, an understanding of the deeper subjects of yoga will gradually be uncovered. Through this understanding we become fixed in knowledge and freed from the anxieties and fears of the world.

What this group is about:

I began this group as a way of sharing this amazing gift of mantra meditation with others around the community, and to create a situation where all introspective, knowledge seeking souls can come together in a relaxing and comfortable environment and develop meaningful friendships on a spiritual level.

Although this is a meetup “group” there is actually nothing to join and nothing to quit. It is part of the philosophy to make this process available to everyone free of charge and obligation.

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